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The ATYPIK hotel is a singular boutique hotel, created at the intersection between the industrial past and the cosmopolitan present of Clichy. The contemporary design, created by the Argentinian architect, Paula Chauvigné is modern and influenced by major cities of the world where energy, youth and dynamism meet art and design. The hotel is designed from new ways of working and travelling and is warm and friendly around every corner.

The stylish space maintains its style and soul without falling for trends.
Behind every door, you will meet a brand new universe, an atmosphere, combining raw materials such as wood, marble and glass … to reveal the best of urbanism. To see it all, to discover it all, you will have to come back.
At the Atypik Hotel, we want you to feel at home. In this aim, we have created convivial spaces that meet travellers’ needs and that make people gather and share! Discover the story of our rooms

Who is hiding behind

Atipyk Hotel Name ?

Our story starts at the beginning of 20th century. It is in 1911 that the hotel construction starts following Lucien Varet’s plans. Then quickly and from 1922, the Mouchet Family took ownership of the place. Almost 100 years and 4 generations later, the hotel, which has been constantly reinvented, adapting to its time and to its customers, is still part of our family...

The latest transformation is the result of meetings with atypical personalities who, based on our desires, their artistic culture and their know-how, have blown a contemporary spirit on the building while preserving its soul. Entirely renovated in 2016, the Atypik hotel, will surprise you and write with you new pages of its history.